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Welcome to Li'l Tykes stallion and colts page:)

Li'l Tykes Spots All Over (pend) 09 colt
Oliver 09 leopard Spots son
pictured below.
Lucky Four Spots A Plenty
Spots is here on lease from Penny Lary at Patty Cake Ranch.  This stallion has everything wanted in a mini today.  He is showy and has the looks of a full size horse.  If you are interested in Spots e-mail Penny at  I'm expecting one foal by spots in '09!

Spots Pedigree
Uknown- unreg.
Double O Seven Moto 30.000  S (SPA)
Unknown unreg.
Double O Seven And A Half Moto 29.000  S (PPA)
Lannie Moto- unreg.                                   
Cresents Sparky 29.000  S (AND)
Unknown- unreg.
Cresents Bonnie Blue 32.500 M  (RNB)
Unknown- Unreg.
Cresents Rhett Butler 30.000 S (ABK)
Fishers Max- Unreg
Fishers Priscilla 32.000 M (SWT)
Unknown- Unreg.
Fishers Precious 33.500 M (SGR)
Unknown- Unreg.
Lucky Four Spots A Plenty 34.000 S (ABK)
Unkown- Unreg.
Chianti 33.000 S (ABK)
Pepper 30.000 S (SBK)
Unknown- Unreg.
Regina 31.00 M (SBK)
Hidden Medows Wait Til Dark 34.000 M(ABK)
Unknown- Unreg
Chianti 33.000 S (ABK)
Unknown- Unreg.
Shadow Oaks Magnolia 33.000 M (33.000
Shadow Oaks Morning Glory 34.000 M (SBK)